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The Current Game Of Snakes And Ladders – Father God – Channeled by La Luminista


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The current situation on your planet is very much like your childhood game of Snakes and Ladders. You might even consider it to be a 3D virtual reality version of this game, with all of it’s twists and turns. You may feel that you are moving steadily along and up the ladder, only to find that you are suddenly tripped up by the snake. The negative ones’ are currently playing this game alongside you, with their darker agendas and their fight for control. It is okay dear ones if you are tripped up by their wicked schemes, and find yourself sliding down into fear. You know that it is not permanent, and you can simply pick yourself up and carry on. Do not be too angry and sullen over their lack of care for you, as they are playing an essential part in assisting you to rise up in so many ways. Their mission is indeed as important as yours. In so many ways they are guiding you towards the light and where you need to be. There is so much happening on so many levels, that only I truly know the full picture. So do not dismay, for you shall see the truth in all of it’s glory soon enough. Proceed with caution, using your intuition as your guide, and all will be well. There are many and varied lessons to be learned by all who are playing this game. As this game concludes, you will find yourself at the rainbow’s end, a very magical place indeed. Know that all is well my darlings. There is no need to fear. We often need to be tested, just to see how far we’ve come. We are cheering you on, and supporting you with an endless array of light, love, and assistance. I am with you always.


We Are The Changemakers! A Channeled Message – La Luminista

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I received an image of an army of angels marching into battle. They were all dressed with breastplates and armour. I sensed a great and focused determination, duty and honour. The warrior angels are here with us. We have nothing to fear.


We are the changemakers! It is our rite of passage to come into this world for the purpose of change and en-light-enment. We do not wish to interfere. Our purpose is one of assistance and freedom of the masses, of the precious beings on your Earth. We have petitioned the Great Council to ask permission to come to your aid. There are many distractions in your world, mostly produced by the interlopers. The ones that would have you cast and bound into a prison of your own making. Lost to the great wisdom that lies in waiting within your being. You have not been left to fate, as it may appear to you. There are many beings from many worlds that are at the ready to contribute to the cause of freedom of your planet. We have watched the interlopers with their bag of magic tricks attempt to fool you, again and again. Often times it is in plain sight that they place their symbols and designs, with evil intent. You must learn to question every sight, sound, and even your own thoughts. You are not at their mercy. You have given to them your most precious gift, your divine power. It is time to take it back from them. They are nothing but rodents that scurry away from the light. Pay them no mind. Whenever possible, and in every situation, allow your divine beam of light to brighten the dark places. The evil ones will flail about enraged at the light that uncovers their insidious nature. Know that as you do this, the power and protection of the All Mighty One is with you. The game has played out. It is time for a new and glorious game to begin. You are both the creators and the players within this game. Use your imagination and strategy well, oh wise ones! We remain faithfully at your side until your world is fully ablaze with the light of truth and love.

The Angelic “Changemakers”

Channeled by La Luminista