To Be Or Not To Be. That Is The Question…Or Is It The Answer?


Wow! What a crazy, mixed up dream! I had just woken up at 4:30 am from a sci-fi type dream that led me to more questions than I had answers. How could a pregnant women instantly turn into a man, and still give birth? How did that other man just run through bullet proof glass and shatter it to pieces with the impact of just his body. And, is there really such a technology as virobots, that are the size of a tiny flying insect and infected with viruses, that are programmed to fly into a human body? Holy cats!


I woke up with so many questions swirling in my mind. As usual, I asked my higher self, “Is that a memory?”. My higher self answered back, “No, just a downloaded program”. Well, I was kind of dumbfounded for a few seconds because it had seemed so real, and then I asked a rather obvious question, at least it was obvious to me, “What other programs have been downloaded?” The answer…”All of them”. Now, thoughts are flying through my head at the speed of light, and my higher self is answering each one of them at the same speed.


Apparently, every and all of my lifetimes have been downloads. There are certain experiences that I had decided on prior to entering what I think of as a lifetime. I am not being “born”, but  I am “entering” the chosen emotionally-based pseudo reality that I desire to enhance my learning and wisdom on a soul level. I do not make this choice alone. I have spirit guides and counsellors, along with the direction of my higher self to lean on. While there are certain experiences that are programmed, the choices and decisions that I make during and after these experiences, shape the overall outcome and ease or difficulty of the experience. I also discovered that death truly does not exist. I simply “exit” the program. I am eternal as a soul, and as an extension of our Prime Creator. I have a whole new outlook on what we refer to as death. I now understand that when a loved one “dies”, they are just exiting the program because they are finished with it, and they have done what they came to do. They are still with me on a soul level, but I can’t see them  because they are not in the same program with me anymore.

loved ones

As you can imagine, this puts a whole new spin on so many things! Any residual emotional ties to any of these programs, can now simply be released. I have been carrying remorse, guilt, anger, resentment, grief, sadness, and many other emotions around with me, thinking that I had wronged so many others in the multitude of programs that I had entered. Now, I feel free. And yes, the others in these programs chose to experience them with me. The difference between myself and them is that the others have more than likely chosen to learn a different lesson from the same experience. That is why although two people may experience the same events, the perspective often differs so greatly.

I knew that something “big” was coming. Two days ago I had a dream about a tornado. My higher self always gives me that image when something important and life changing is on it’s way. Also, last night my brain was being re-worked to allow for these insights to surface. I had a headache that started behind my left eye, and that continued to grow and move about the left side of my head all throughout last evening. It appears to be gone this morning.


The beauty of these emotionally-based reality programs, is that my emotions can change  the outcomes and have amazing desired effects to the programs. The program will mold itself to my emotionally created desires. I have a strong desire to live somewhere warm and sunny all year round. I know that it will happen due to the deep heart felt desire for the experience, as well as the reasons for the desire, namely to connect to our beloved mother Gaia, and her loving, nurturing, and devoted presence. It is pretty cold outside today, so somewhere tropical sounds good right now!

To be or not to be, is the answer for me, and not the question. I choose what I desire, and nothing has ever been left to fate, nor will it ever be. I choose to go forth to thrive and flourish.




The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light ~ Nov. 14, 2017 — Blue Dragon Journal

Originally posted on roseramblesdotorg: Here it is this Pleiadian video “one more time” for you (I think I’ve posted this before). This video is a Pleiadian message urging humanity to “Wake Up’ and know the truth about our existence. Our lives are NOT what they seem and the truth of our lives here on Earth…

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Now You See It…Now You Don’t!


“What is wrong with this world?!?”, I hear this exclaimed, time and time again. Certainly, the news is full of doom and gloom, whether you read it, watch it, or listen to it. I used to watch CNN all of the time, and I followed blogs and websites that claimed to “be in the know”. I began to wonder what difference it would make if I just stopped paying any attention to the main stream media. Some would claim that I would just be sticking my head in the sand, or that I just didn’t care about the plight of others on this planet. I have to admit that the opinion of others towards me, doesn’t much matter to me. I decided to try an experiment. I gave up all news completely for a month, then something interesting happened.

happy face


I felt happy. I felt at peace. I began to focus on the positive things in my life, and I was grateful. Letting go of all of that negativity in my life, created more room for the positive. I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off of me, and I began to notice all the little everyday things that brought me joy. The greatest joy for me was simple things like a bird chirping away in the trees, the bounty of tomatoes growing in my garden, and the bursts of blooms along my garden fence. All of the joy, peace and contentment that I felt, seemed to be amplified, and kept away any of the anxious thoughts that used to linger within.Everyday, I would sit outside and give thanks for the beauty of the day, and just appreciate. I would connect to our beloved earth, and send her loving energies of gratitude. She always answered back, sending a Monarch butterfly floating past, or a Blue Jay squawking up high in the trees, and the calming warmth of the sun. It was magical!


I realized that being pulled into other peoples tragedies doesn’t serve any purpose. I can still send them light and love from where I am, knowing that they will receive it on some level. Most importantly, I knew that I could change the world just by changing myself, and by being the change that I wanted to see in the world. I realized that it really did come down to where I placed my focus, if I wanted to be happy, then I had to focus on happy things. Then came a clear sense of “now you see it, (change my focus), now you don’t!” I would definitely recommend this experiment to anyone and everyone. Imagine for a minute, if everyone on this earth focused on loving and positive thoughts and feelings. The world would change in the blink of an eye. Some would say that is a pie in the sky dream, but I wouldn’t be too sure. I still don’t watch or read the news, and that has been one of the best decisions of my life.


love earth


Something HUGE Is Coming!!!


The all-consuming, all-encompassing, creative and loving breath of our Creator is coming! It is coming to claim our hearts, minds, and in fact our very souls. It’s not that our Creator isn’t here already, we wouldn’t exist otherwise, but it is about to take on a whole new meaning. Let me back up a little bit, and explain myself.

I have been reading blog posts, and reading and listening to spiritual channelings, and watching You Tube videos, all of them seem to have a theme to them lately. They are all mentioning a “tsunami of love”. What the heck?!? All of these sources also seem to have a slightly different take on the subject. However, the overall consensus seems to be that a “new” type, or a major increase of powerful love/light energy is destined to sweep the earth, leaving no stone unturned. The claims are that no one will be left untouched, and that those that are pure of heart will embrace this energy willingly and gratefully, while those with that have a more negative approach to life, will find themselves feeling very uncomfortable. It is also said that this energy will not go unnoticed by even the darkest of hearts.

god cloud

Well, I always try to keep an open mind, and an open heart, but if I am really honest, I don’t believe everything I read, see, or hear. In fact, I won’t have anything to do with the mainstream media, and their sensationalism and half-truths. Some may say that I am sticking my head in the sand, but I CHOOSE to keep a positive outlook on life, and not live my life in fear. How often do you hear, read, or see anything positive in the news? I am sure that you get my point here. I also CHOOSE to run everything that comes my way through my own intuitive filter, and it has never let me down yet…NEVER!

So, much to my surprise today, I began to see images in my minds eye of something really, really life changing coming our way. I also have this feeling in every cell of my being…IT is coming! I was shown a human-type shape of our creator in energetic form, and our creator was intentionally BREATHING out an enormous energy, that was actually forming into a huge wave…a huge tsunami! This “tsunami of love” and creator’s energy was not just for our planet and humanity, but for every being, planet, star, galaxy, and universe, that had ever been created. This is exciting! I know that there is nothing to fear on any level, but this has a life-changing potential that cannot be ignored.

god hugging earth

If we want to make full use of the potential of this energy for the highest good, then we must choose and make our intentions known. This energy will take our intentions and magnify them exponentially, therefore, be careful what you wish for at this time. Whatever you set as your intention from this point forward, will be swept up by this energy, and you will see it manifest. I intend to manifest from my heart for the highest good, for humanity, planet earth, and all of creation.

I am sure that the first question that comes to mind for most people is, when is this coming to pass? It is already happening. It has already been put into motion. The image that I saw is that it is building in momentum so as not to overwhelm us, but it is building in intensity. The crescendo is not that far off, but I do feel that it will be guided to us when we are truly ready. I deeply feel that it will happen sooner rather than later. Then all things will change, for the better.

It is my intention to keep my thoughts positive, my heart open, and to embrace it with open arms when the “tsunami of love” arrives. Any heart-felt dreams that I have for myself, my brothers and sisters on planet earth, for planet earth and beyond, I am putting out there. I look at it this way, if you don’t ask, then you don’t get. This opportunity may never come again, so I am going for it! I will meet you on the other side! Until then…dream BIG!!!



Can You Have Your Cake and Eat It Too?


A client made an appointment to come to me for energy work and coaching.      Immediately, but several days before her scheduled appointment, her spirit guides and angels started to whisper in my ear. They said, “Ask her why she is settling?”. This client has come to see me several times in the past, and she is a beautiful and gracious woman. She always has the appearance of having her life in order, and generally she is a very happy, pleasant, and content person…but is everything as it appears?

The day of her appointment arrived, and she told me that she was having some pain, stiffness and general discomfort in her right knee, and her shoulders. As I began the session, and asked her spirit guides and angels to be present, I could feel the energies shift within the room. Wonderful, peaceful, and comforting energies began to flow through me and into my client. Her spirit guides began to tell me that she was settling for a relationship that wasn’t giving her the depth of emotion and sharing that she really desired. Her significant other expected the relationship to be on his terms, and he would appease my client by giving her gifts, so that she would just go along. My client has a very open heart, and she is a very giving person. Her relationship was taking advantage of her goodness, but not offering her the emotional support and love that she really craved. As I continued to work with her, the whole picture became very clear.


The energy poured into my clients’ right knee, and I immediately heard her spirit guides say, “she knows what to do, but she is resisting the changes that she needs to make, and feels confused”. “Her heart is telling her what to do, but she has a fear of being alone.” The knees represent flexibility in moving forward in life, and the shoulders are about being able to shoulder burdens and responsibilities in life. My client was too afraid to walk away from her unfulfilling relationship, due to the fear of being alone. The burden of making that choice was weighing very heavy on her shoulders, and causing discomfort in both her shoulders and her knee. She was at a standstill, but every other part of her, including her heart, knew what she needed to do.


I completed the energy part of the session, and then I sat down with her to reveal what her spirit guides had to say. I approached the topic as gently as possible, so that she wouldn’t become fearful, and shut down emotionally. I told her that the question that her spirit guides were asking her was, why she was settling. I waited to see if she knew what they meant by that, before I said anything more. She immediately admitted that she knew that they were asking her about her relationship. Her guides asked her a very profound question, “Would you be willing to give up everything that you have now…if you could have everything you truly desire?” She stared at me with eyes wide open, like a deer in headlights. She responded with, “But why can’t I have it all? Why can’t I have my cake and eat it too?!? Why can’t I meet him while I am in my current relationship?”

The decision before her was obviously causing her great emotional distress. I explained that the universe/Source/God works in mysterious ways, but it doesn’t work that way. The universe/Source/God will always give you what you ask for, but maybe not in the way you would expect. While she is a relationship, and she has chosen that relationship as the one to be involved in, whether good or bad, The universe/Source/God assumes that she is in that relationship because that is what she truly wants. In order to tell the universe/Source/God that she wants something else, she must leave the current unwanted relationship, and make a change to proclaim that she wants something different than the status quo. Upon leaving the relationship, she will create a void in that part of her life. The beauty is, that the universe/Source/God will do anything to fill a void, and all she has to do is confirm her deepest hearts desires for what she really does want in a relationship, and it will be delivered to her on a silver platter. The only thing that can get in the way, is if she feels that she is not deserving of love, affection and respect, but that is another issue all together.

gifts from universe

I don’t know if my client will ever move through the fear of being alone enough to move forward in her life, but at least she cannot hide from the truth any longer. She did tell me that her knee felt much better after the session that we had, so the confusion about her choices is leaving. I also know for certain that her spirit guides will never give up on her, and they will be by her side to love her unconditionally, support her and offer her guidance, and I will be right there with them.



The spiritual meaning of life on Earth – Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua — Lakshmi ♥ Star Seed – Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner – Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher – Spiritual Channeller – Lightworker

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