The Magic of Synchronicity: A message of inspiration from the soul

fortune cookieAt the age of 33, a door opened that I will never be able to close. It was an agreement between my “earth self” and my soul, and the beginning of something magical. I suddenly knew that my life had a definite purpose, and that I wasn’t just another being in a human suit taking up space in this world. It was as if when I woke up one morning, that I found myself in a different place. This different place wasn’t a physical place, but more of a whole new way of viewing the world. The “flip of the switch” is how I refer to it.  Once the switch had been turned on, synchronicity took over on so many levels. On an inner level my soul was inspiring me, guiding me onward into a purposeful life…at least I hoped.

Questions…questions…and more questions. The budding flicker of curiosity soon turned into a blazing inferno in my mind. I began to browse metaphysical and spiritual bookstores every week. I found that I no longer chose what book to read, but instead the book would choose me. Books would literally either jump off of the shelves to get my attention, or would be placed into my hands by an unassuming friend, and within their pages were the answers to my questions. I would get lost for hours in a literal smorgasbord of divine and metaphysical ideologies and theories, all synchronistically inspired by my soul. Soon I knew that it wasn’t going to be enough for me to simply read about all of these new found theories, I was going to have to test them for myself.  I was synchronistically guided to just the perfect teacher and mentor at just the right time, and always and only when I was ready for the next step along my path. I had decided to give bodywork a try, and thinking perhaps reiki was the way to go. I was glancing through a local paper, and noticed there was an advert for a reiki master. The ad seemed to stand out, no, stand out would be an understatement. It appeared to me to be ablaze in neon no less. I couldn’t have missed it if I had tried, and my soul was making sure of it. Not to mention, that this reiki healer was only a 5 minute  drive from my home! Coincidence, I think not. She became one of my greatest spiritual gifts and mentors, to whom I am eternally grateful. I jumped head first into taking courses in zen shiatsu, aromatherapy, reiki, meditation and yoga. Yes, I became a learning junkie!  I soon discovered that not only was everything soulfully and divinely timed, but one step would lead to the next. I also found that not only was I inspired to take action, but sometimes I was also inspired not to do something. Whenever the timing was wrong, or it wasn’t the right decision at that time, things wouldn’t work out no matter how I tried.

Where does that leave me now? Well, I figure that the planets must be in full alignment and the gods are smiling upon me, because the next phase of my life is about to begin. I am promoting my gifts as a transformational and life purpose coach, not to mention my abilities as a intuitive energy healer at a holistic wellness show this week. Although I have been working with clients for a while now, attracting a steady flow of clients has always been a bit of a struggle in the small community in which I live. Thanks to two lovely and entrepreneurial women in the area, there is now a venue that promotes alternative and holistic wellness, that didn’t exist 6 months ago. I feel that I was slightly ahead of my time…and my time is now! The best advice I can give anyone on the road to inspiration is to be patient, to be still and listen, and allow…allow…allow. In the silence of allowing comes the greatest of inspiration waiting to take you on to amazing adventures!

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!


Spirit and the germination of inspiration

It all started while I was planning a vacation to Cape Cod a couple of years ago. For the very first time my significant other  gave me full and complete reign over all of the decisions, about where we were going to stay for the week that we were away. I was stunned at first, since he always does the planning. Not that he is a control freak or anything, it is just something that he likes to do for enjoyment and a sense of satisfaction. It caught me off guard at first, at the ease of his handing over such an important assignment, (at least for him). As I began to research lodging for the two of us, I kept being drawn to lovely little Inns and Bed and Breakfasts. We were going to be staying in  charming little towns along the way, with our final destination to be Provincetown. Inspiration was directing me all the way. It wasn’t anything obvious since I was blissfully unaware at the time for my choices, but it was the beginning of something great. Sometimes inspiration isn’t obvious, but a heart directed notion that begins to fulfill a destiny. You just have to let it flow and trust in the outcome of your choices.

When the time finally came for our vacation, I was thrilled. I am an avid traveler with a love and lust for adventure, new places and experiences. Every inn and bed & breakfast we stayed at was more lovely than the one before. We were greeted with such warm and generous hospitality, as if we were long lost family that had finally returned home. The rooms were warm and cozy, reminding me of summer stays at my grandmothers house.  I remember vividly strolling along the narrow lanes on Martha’s Vineyard in awe of the character and charm in every glance. There was no end to the beauty of the quaint cottages all painted in lovely pastel paint colours and trimmed in gingerbread facades. I turned to my partner and said, “I would love to own a lovely bed & breakfast by the sea. That would be my perfect life”. He agreed that it would be a wonderful lifestyle to have. That moment…that one thought…was the first seed that inspiration planted. That seed was buried deeply in my psyche. I was still unaware of it’s existence, but it was germinating, and creating a new beginning.

I returned home to the normalcy of my everyday life, but that seed continued to germinate. Our spirit knows of our every heart’s desire, and it will begin to move mountains to bring it into being. That is where I feel that our greatest inspiration comes from, and from where it is born. I was innocently watching a T.V. show one evening, I couldn’t tell you which one it was, or what the show was about , but I remember one very specific moment. A commercial came on that shook me to my core. I remember that the commercial was for laundry detergent, a very insignificant aspect of it for me, but more important to me was the story within the commercial. It told the story of a family that runs a bed & breakfast and how much they enjoy doing it. That innocent commercial touched something deep within me, a memory of a desire. My body, and more specifically my heart, was engaged with a longing of it’s desire to be fulfilled. This was the second time that this desire had been acknowledged from the inner depths of my being, but the seed within me had grown enough to be noticed. Inspiration was making itself known to me in no uncertain terms.

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!germination


Inspiration…where are you!?!?

Inspiration is a funny thing. You can’t see it, smell it, taste it, touch it, or even hold it. You can feel it when it bubbles up inside of you, and feel the empty loss when it’s missing. It has no apparent value to anyone else, but it is priceless to you  when you have it. You may be on a quest, that has lasted for years, to find this elusive gem that seems to be missing from your life . You may be searching high and low, far and wide, and peeking under every rock along your way, but I can almost guarantee that you won’t find it there. However, as elusive as inspiration appears to be, it is actually always closer than you think.

Have you ever tried to catch a dandelion seed as it floats along on the summer breeze? The more that you try to capture the fluffy seed in your hand, the more the seed seems to evade your grasp. But, how many times have you been blissfully relaxing outside,  enjoying the beauty of a warm and sunny summer day, and a dandelion seed simply lands on your hand? Ironic as it may seem, that is the way of inspiration. Inspiration will always find you. You never actually have to go looking for it. It requires no effort except for a bit of patience and the willingness to accept it when it offers itself to you. Had someone…anyone…shared this little tidbit of knowledge with me at some point in my life, it would have saved me a lot of  head banging and foot stomping in foolish futility. So, although I may not be able to hand inspiration to you on the proverbial silver platter, I am happy to gift you with my experiences of how inspiration found me.

As with all beginnings, there is always an ending that seems to precede that so called beginning. It’s kind of like that saying, “when one door closes another one opens”. It seems to me that I have had a lot more doors close on me than have opened. My fulltime job had ended due to a company closure…for the 2nd time. There didn’t appear to be any more jobs forthcoming despite my many efforts to make it happen. That was when I made the enormous decision,(at least it was for me), to start my own business. I discovered that I was no longer willing to wait for someone to offer me a job. I was going to create one for  myself. This is where inspiration really starts to come in handy, and it is probably your greatest asset. Well, I was at a loss. Inspiration…where are you!?!?

Once inspiration starts to kick in, the flood gates open and there is a constant and continuous flow that seems to prevail. Inspiration was triggered by simple things like watching T.V., an unknowing conversation with a friend, experiences while on vacation, and a birthday gift from a loved one. Although these were the triggers for inspiration, there was one common denominator that made all of the difference. That common denominator was me, and how I felt at the time of accepting  inspiration. There is a tingling excitement and a knowingness within me that sends the fireworks flying whenever I am touched by inspiration. Everyone has some kind of response to inspiration, and although it is different for everyone, it is unmistakable. I would love for you to join me on this journey into the heart of inspiration as I continue to share in wonderment of where it takes me.

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones.