The Magic of Synchronicity: A message of inspiration from the soul

fortune cookieAt the age of 33, a door opened that I will never be able to close. It was an agreement between my “earth self” and my soul, and the beginning of something magical. I suddenly knew that my life had a definite purpose, and that I wasn’t just another being in a human suit taking up space in this world. It was as if when I woke up one morning, that I found myself in a different place. This different place wasn’t a physical place, but more of a whole new way of viewing the world. The “flip of the switch” is how I refer to it.  Once the switch had been turned on, synchronicity took over on so many levels. On an inner level my soul was inspiring me, guiding me onward into a purposeful life…at least I hoped.

Questions…questions…and more questions. The budding flicker of curiosity soon turned into a blazing inferno in my mind. I began to browse metaphysical and spiritual bookstores every week. I found that I no longer chose what book to read, but instead the book would choose me. Books would literally either jump off of the shelves to get my attention, or would be placed into my hands by an unassuming friend, and within their pages were the answers to my questions. I would get lost for hours in a literal smorgasbord of divine and metaphysical ideologies and theories, all synchronistically inspired by my soul. Soon I knew that it wasn’t going to be enough for me to simply read about all of these new found theories, I was going to have to test them for myself.  I was synchronistically guided to just the perfect teacher and mentor at just the right time, and always and only when I was ready for the next step along my path. I had decided to give bodywork a try, and thinking perhaps reiki was the way to go. I was glancing through a local paper, and noticed there was an advert for a reiki master. The ad seemed to stand out, no, stand out would be an understatement. It appeared to me to be ablaze in neon no less. I couldn’t have missed it if I had tried, and my soul was making sure of it. Not to mention, that this reiki healer was only a 5 minute  drive from my home! Coincidence, I think not. She became one of my greatest spiritual gifts and mentors, to whom I am eternally grateful. I jumped head first into taking courses in zen shiatsu, aromatherapy, reiki, meditation and yoga. Yes, I became a learning junkie!  I soon discovered that not only was everything soulfully and divinely timed, but one step would lead to the next. I also found that not only was I inspired to take action, but sometimes I was also inspired not to do something. Whenever the timing was wrong, or it wasn’t the right decision at that time, things wouldn’t work out no matter how I tried.

Where does that leave me now? Well, I figure that the planets must be in full alignment and the gods are smiling upon me, because the next phase of my life is about to begin. I am promoting my gifts as a transformational and life purpose coach, not to mention my abilities as a intuitive energy healer at a holistic wellness show this week. Although I have been working with clients for a while now, attracting a steady flow of clients has always been a bit of a struggle in the small community in which I live. Thanks to two lovely and entrepreneurial women in the area, there is now a venue that promotes alternative and holistic wellness, that didn’t exist 6 months ago. I feel that I was slightly ahead of my time…and my time is now! The best advice I can give anyone on the road to inspiration is to be patient, to be still and listen, and allow…allow…allow. In the silence of allowing comes the greatest of inspiration waiting to take you on to amazing adventures!

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!


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