Inspiration…WOW! I think I just found my inner GPS!

gpssoulHave you ever wanted something so badly and completely, that you are blinded to any other possibilities? That was me. I knew without a doubt that inspiration was directing me to a career in coaching and holistic healing. I had it all planned out in my mind, and I had begun to take all of the steps to get myself there: certification in coaching, classes in reiki, NLP, and zen shiatsu. I figured that I would work full-time and start my practice part-time until I could build it up enough to call it a career. Then I would rent space outside of my home in a wellness centre, and also have a working space at home. Hmmm…not happening…apparently! Not only could I not seem to attract enough clients, but the full-time career that I had, suddenly disappeared due to a company closure. Frustration was running rampant, and nothing was working out as planned. Time to ditch Plan A, and move on to Plan B. Crap, there was no Plan B!

So, here I was one year later. I had created a beautiful and serene working space in my home for my clients, and networked with everyone I knew and met. Still, something was missing. The piece of the puzzle to propel it all forward was eluding me.

I was reading our local paper one day and noticed an ad for a holistic wellness show. Inspiration hit me between the eyes. Why don’t I inquire about being an exhibitor? I figured I would promote myself and my services, and all would be right in my world. As with most trade shows, the cost of a booth was pretty high. Having lived off of government employment benefits for the better part of a year, I didn’t have much disposable income to spare. It could mean the choice between paying my car insurance or  the cost of a booth at the show. I remember with great clarity, walking to the trash with the newspaper ad in my hand, preparing to toss it out. I had decided that the cost of a booth at the wellness show was too high a price to pay given my current financial situation. My exact thoughts were: I can’t afford to go. Well, it would seem that the universe had different thoughts altogether! The larger than life voice in my right ear said with a sternness that surprised me, “You can’t afford not to go!” Exclamation point!

The very next day I called to enquire about a booth at the wellness show. They had three spaces left, and the show was two weeks away. After discussing my needs for the show, I found out that it wasn’t going to cost me nearly as much as I had originally thought, and with that I was officially committed! Three days before the wellness show, I began getting a very strong feeling that there was another reason that I just had to attend the show. It wasn’t quite clear yet, except that the feeling that I was going to meet someone there who would somehow change my life. It felt like my inner GPS was finally coming online in a very tangible way. My anticipation was growing!

The day of the wellness show arrived. After checking the local weather, I learned that they were predicting a crazy amount of snow. Crap, I had wasted all that money for nothing! As it turned out, the attendance was very low. Since it was so quiet, I decided to browse the various other booths that were at the show and maybe do some networking. I walked up to a booth that was promoting a local wellness centre. As I was checking out the displayed literature, a young woman approached me. I had spoken to a few dozen people that had approached me at my own booth earlier that day, and she was one of them. When I spoke to her earlier she hadn’t mentioned that she was also an exhibitor, and the owner of a holistic wellness centre. All of a sudden I found myself blurting out that I was looking for space for my own holistic practice. Where did that come from??? My inquiry was well received, and she gave me her business card and told me to email her with my ideas of how we could make this work. She told me that no proposal was too ridiculous to consider. Wow! My inspirational inner GPS was working with amazing accuracy! I sent her an email the next week and proposed that I would be willing to work at her wellness centre, doing whatever needed doing, in exchange for working space. It seemed like along shot, but I went for it. I had nothing to lose! After a meeting and a session with me, she agreed to giving me working space in exchange for my assistance with managing her wellness centre. I felt like I had won the lottery!

We all have this amazing inner GPS just waiting to guide and inspire us. Sometimes you have to update it with new ideas, thoughts, and approaches, but it is always a faithful companion ready to jump into action when turned on and acknowledged. It will never steer you wrong if you pay close attention to it’s directions, and have a little faith and trust.

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!


Inspiration: puzzle pieces galore

puzzlepcsI have always been a big picture kind of person. And I don’t mean just any old picture, but a Gone With The Wind kind of picture, colossal and complete. Inspiration doesn’t work that way…not even close. Instead, inspiration presents itself like a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle with several pieces missing. The pieces aren’t actually missing, it just appears that way for a time, like they have fallen off the table sight unseen. The irony of it all, is that you will never be able to complete the puzzle. It is a never ending puzzle that includes the events of your life, with one intriguing event that leads to another. Inspiration, like most jigsaw puzzles, can only be put together when you have completed enough of the picture to be able to add to it.
About a year ago I began receiving glimpses of inspiration about opening a holistic wellness retreat. I had a lot of ideas floating around in my busy brain, but nothing was really surfacing at that point. It seemed like there was a great potential for a jigsaw puzzle, but without the necessary pieces to create it just yet. One evening spent quietly at home became a major turning point. My cell phone rang, which is an oddity in itself since I don’t get very many calls on it. A man with a very distinct accent asked for me by name. He explained that the reason that he was calling was that he was given my name and cell phone number in meditation. He told me that he was calling from Mount Shasta, California, and that he was a kundalini energy healer. Huh? I really thought at first that someone was pulling my leg…no, both of my legs! As we spoke I realized that he was authentic. He told me that the information that he had received in meditation was that I was a healer, and that I would soon begin to see auras. He went on to say that within 2 years I would open a healing centre, become an author, and recreate my life as never before. On the deepest level he hit a chord, and I knew what he was revealing to me was true, as my body and soul reacted with inner knowing. It was as if lightening had entered my body from head to toe. I ended the call a person forever changed. During meditation one day, a piece of the puzzle appeared and hinted at a location, Sonoma County in California. Not too long afterwards, I received a full day spa package at St Anne’s as a birthday gift. As I was enjoying a wonderful day of serenity, another piece of the puzzle revealed itself and suggested that I use St. Anne’s as a model for how I could run the retreat. While researching bed and breakfasts, another piece of the puzzle fell into my lap, and I was led to a course about running your own inn. Since then, many other puzzle pieces of inspiration have appeared. What was once an enigma has become a path to discovery. I remain as open and allowing as possible to any little piece of inspiration that may come my way. My puzzle is just beginning to form a larger picture, and with every little bit added, takes on an even bigger form. Oh, the excitement of it all!

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!