Inspiration: puzzle pieces galore

puzzlepcsI have always been a big picture kind of person. And I don’t mean just any old picture, but a Gone With The Wind kind of picture, colossal and complete. Inspiration doesn’t work that way…not even close. Instead, inspiration presents itself like a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle with several pieces missing. The pieces aren’t actually missing, it just appears that way for a time, like they have fallen off the table sight unseen. The irony of it all, is that you will never be able to complete the puzzle. It is a never ending puzzle that includes the events of your life, with one intriguing event that leads to another. Inspiration, like most jigsaw puzzles, can only be put together when you have completed enough of the picture to be able to add to it.
About a year ago I began receiving glimpses of inspiration about opening a holistic wellness retreat. I had a lot of ideas floating around in my busy brain, but nothing was really surfacing at that point. It seemed like there was a great potential for a jigsaw puzzle, but without the necessary pieces to create it just yet. One evening spent quietly at home became a major turning point. My cell phone rang, which is an oddity in itself since I don’t get very many calls on it. A man with a very distinct accent asked for me by name. He explained that the reason that he was calling was that he was given my name and cell phone number in meditation. He told me that he was calling from Mount Shasta, California, and that he was a kundalini energy healer. Huh? I really thought at first that someone was pulling my leg…no, both of my legs! As we spoke I realized that he was authentic. He told me that the information that he had received in meditation was that I was a healer, and that I would soon begin to see auras. He went on to say that within 2 years I would open a healing centre, become an author, and recreate my life as never before. On the deepest level he hit a chord, and I knew what he was revealing to me was true, as my body and soul reacted with inner knowing. It was as if lightening had entered my body from head to toe. I ended the call a person forever changed. During meditation one day, a piece of the puzzle appeared and hinted at a location, Sonoma County in California. Not too long afterwards, I received a full day spa package at St Anne’s as a birthday gift. As I was enjoying a wonderful day of serenity, another piece of the puzzle revealed itself and suggested that I use St. Anne’s as a model for how I could run the retreat. While researching bed and breakfasts, another piece of the puzzle fell into my lap, and I was led to a course about running your own inn. Since then, many other puzzle pieces of inspiration have appeared. What was once an enigma has become a path to discovery. I remain as open and allowing as possible to any little piece of inspiration that may come my way. My puzzle is just beginning to form a larger picture, and with every little bit added, takes on an even bigger form. Oh, the excitement of it all!

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!


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