Inspiration: The floodgates of the universe

universal flow Life is so amazing, and so full of surprises! I have been working at a holistic wellness centre for about a month now, and I honestly couldn’t ask for a more wonderful place to be. I have been welcomed with open arms and supported beyond belief. So much has changed since I met the person that has since changed my life. The owner of the wellness centre and I have forged such a wonderful bond. As it turns out, the owner of the wellness centre was as much inspired to meet me, as I was to meet her! Let’s just say that the universe conspired to bring us together for our mutual highest good.

It isn’t always easy for others to understand what I do or how I work, and it requires an open mind and heart to be open to what I offer. I am a transformational coach, and I incorporate intuitive energy work into each session. This is how I connect to someone on a holistic level. At the beginning of a session, I call upon the spirit guides and angels of my client in order to gain support throughout our session together. I also request that their spirit guides communicate with me and offer me guidance as to how I can assist that person. I love what I do, and I also realize the profound responsibility that is required in my position.

Since I made the commitment to being a Transformational Coach full-time, the floodgates have opened wide, and I have been sent many new and wonderful clients. Had I not listened to that voice of guidance and support, I would still be wading in a sea of doubt and confusion. As I always tell my clients, there is no such thing as a wrong decision. It is better to make any decision than to be frozen by indecision. So what! If you choose something that turns out to lead to somewhere you don’t want to go, at least now you have a better idea of what you do want. You learn by contrast, and choose something that is more in alignment with your heart’s choices. The best advice that I can ever give anyone is to choose from the heart, since the heart can never tell a lie. So often we allow our heads to rule our hearts, and the ego that is based in fear takes control. Put your ego on the sidelines and listen to your heart instead. Your heart is always in alignment with the will of your soul.

Once you have made a decision, take action! Just one step, even if it is a miniscule, can make a huge difference! That one step is giving a message to the universe that you are ready and willing to move forward. Then get out of the way and watch while the universe opens the floodgates for you. I am living proof that this is true!
Sometimes we get in our own way by not allowing the flow from the universe. This can happen when we allow self-doubt and unworthiness to stand in our way. I have been in those shoes too, and I understand only too well what an impediment this is. Each one of us is precious to our creator, and very deserving of abundance on all levels. On a soul level we are all brilliant shining stars. Allow yours to shine bright! Then allow…allow…allow, what you deserve to come to you.

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!