Inspiration: Hurry up…and wait…

stop and goI have been feeling kind of like an airplane that is circling overhead, waiting for permission to land. Everything about my inspired life is crystal clear. I am so sure of where I am heading and why. Some of the how’s are a little sketchy still, but the desire is so strong and the heart is so willing, that I know all will unfold in pure perfection. There is still that little part of me that sits on my shoulder and whispers…”are you sure?”

I woke up one morning last week with a very strange sensation in my left knee. The area around my knee had swollen up to twice it’s normal size, and there was a very definite “crunching” noise coming from underneath my knee cap. This was beyond weird! I have discovered through the energy work that I do, that the left side of our body represents our masculine aspect, while the right side represents our feminine. Since it was the left side that was affected, and since the masculine is action-oriented, I knew that there was a part of the masculine me that was resisting the forward movement into my new life. Things that make you go…hmmmm. I have often found that  all it takes is the acknowledgement of resistance in my life to be able to let it go. Instead of getting frustrated, I turned inward and showered myself with self-love and appreciation, and before I knew it the resistance started to melt away. As is often said, “what you resist…persists”. So, three days have passed and my knee is beginning to return to normal. I know that if I had reacted to the situation with impatience and frustration, that I would still be in pain.

I can’t count the number of times that I have had such a deep desire to achieve a goal in my life, that I tried to force events to happen in order to bring my goal to fruition.  Whenever I tried to force things to happen at the pace that I expected, all it did was to lead to frustration. I have learned to trust that the universe runs on divine timing and not my version of time. I now know through experience that when we put forth a desire that comes from our heart on a soul level, that the universe works on our behalf to deliver it to us. When you think about it, that is completely mind boggling. Imagine for a moment everything that the universe has to arrange and re-arrange in order to fulfill our requests…and it does. Everything seems to fall into place, or you meet just the right person, in just the right timing. Also, when you force something to happen according to your expectations, it often leads to disapointment. The capacity of the universe to deliver is  limitless, whereas our human mind puts so many limitations and expectations on how events will unfold in our lives. If we can just put our complete faith and trust in the universe to deliver what we desire, without limiting how and when it will arrive, what we will receive will be far beyond anything that we could possibly have dreamed. The energy of the universe is based on perfect and unconditional divine love. What we  receive can sometimes feel like a major challenge rather than something wonderful. I have often had to go through these personal challenges and chaos so that I am ready and fully prepared to receive my heart’s desire. We often can’t see the big picture from our more limited human view, but in 20/20  hindsight the reason for events becomes crystal clear.  Anything that we receive is based on what is for our highest good…always.  Ask, and it is always given.

Until next time, may all of your moments be inspired ones!