Inspiration:The path you walk alone…or do you???

guardian angelWhat used to be extraordinary, has now become the ordinary, to my ever increasing delight! It never ceases to amaze me, how quickly the clients that I work with, evolve from one session to the next. As I allow the most magnificent energies to flow through me and into my clients, I am witness to their ever changing evolution. It once was only on the rare occasion, as I directed healing divine energies into their chakras, that I would see their energy centres light up before my eyes. Now most of the people that come to see me, have their inner spiritual sight wide open and ready for viewing. Their hearts are learning to trust and become filled with a loving and compassionate nature. There are still those that continue to fight a battle that never was. They are the ones who can’t seem to grasp, that the only ones that they are fighting are themselves. They seem to feel that they are all alone in this world, and they have a “them vs. me” attitude. If only they could see the truth as I do, they would know that they never walk alone… not for one day, not for one hour, not even for one second.

Most of my clients have heard about guardian angels, in fact, most have even begun to believe in them. I have the very distinct honour of meeting the guardian angels that have been walking hand in hand, and step by step with them, for most of their journey on this earth. How do I know who these guardian angels are, you might ask? These beautiful and loving beings show up at every session I have with those that they have promised to assist. Most often a guardian angel will be a loved one that has previously passed away. It could be a parent, a grandparent, a cousin, or even a close friend. It is anyone with whom they have had a bond of love while together on this earth. In one case it was quite funny. I have a client who came to see me for the first time last week. Immediately upon booking the appointment with her, I began to see a man who was in spirit form, and who insisted that I acknowledge him. He was so eager to have my client know of his presence, that he became a little pesky to say the least. As soon as our session began, I told my client about her very eager and insistent guardian angel. I described his appearance and the general intuitive feelings that I had about him, to her. He had a very protective and big brother energy about him, and he was wearing eye glasses that reminded me very much of the ones that the character Harry Potter wears. He kept pointing to his glasses and telling me to tell her that he had “found them”. At first my client couldn’t figure out who this deceased relative might be, but by the end of our session, I finally was given the name he had when he was on earth. Her guardian angel told me that his name was Robert. Suddenly she realized that he had to be her cousin who had passed away at the age of 5 years. What was really odd for her, is that he had aged to almost middle age, and that is why she hadn’t put the clues together.

In my own case, my mother who passed away several years ago, has been at my side ever since. She is always merely a thought away, which is a great comfort to me, since at her physical death she did not know me at all due to illness. She even managed to communicate to me that there was a particular piece of jewelry that she wanted me to have. Sure enough, when my father brought out her jewelry for me to look at, there was the ring that she had shown me in a mental image. When my father-in-law passed away many years ago, he wanted me to reassure my husband that he was very much at peace. It was a wonderful gift for me to give as comfort at that time.

Many of those inner urges and inspired thoughts that come your way, are actually these supportive and encouraging loved ones that are forever in your court, and that forever have your back. These loving angels may come to you in dreams, but know that they always come with a message of love and support, please pay attention. Even if you can’t feel them, see them, or sense them as well as you would like, know that every step that you take, that they take it with you. Your guardian angels are with you during times of sorrow to comfort you,during times of celebration to dance with you, but most importantly they are there with light and love to help you find your way to being the most amazing and empowered being that you can be!

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!