Inspiration Asks… Who Do You Think You Are…Really?

As the intense waves of energy continue to catapult our planet and everyone on it higher into the realms of light and love, I go within. I turn within not due to fear, confusion, or doubt, but to find the answers that I seek, and the bits of myself still left undiscovered. The beautiful energies that are within, and surrounding our lovely planet, demand that we leave behind any parts of ourselves that hide our true beauty and divinity. Somewhere underneath the pile of rubble that was our conditioning and the unloved parts of self, lie the most perfect us. I have found the love of my life. Creator’s perfection in human form. She has been waiting for decades to be found, admired, respected, but most of all loved without conditions. I always thought that I was the various masks that I wore. Each mask had a varied purpose, or served to cover my seeming “flaws”. I would wear a mask to hide my pain and sorrow, another to disguise my insecurities, and still another mask to draw people into my world. Now all of my masks lie within the rubble of the discarded camouflaged me on the floor at my feet. I no longer need to please others, or pretend to be anything. I feel free and so very deserving of the greatness that this life has to offer. It takes such a great deal of courage to face your own humanness. The darkest parts of your being, are the very ones that need and deserve your love and attention. Self judgment is your greatest enemy, and innocence your greatest friend. Your inner child waits for you to share in your greatest treasures. When you begin to see the world and everyone around you through the eyes of your inner child, then intolerance, judgement, and unforgiveness melt away. Many years ago I went on a journey with my inner child. I had ignored her for so long, and feared that I would not find her. I used a journaling method that I had heard about to connect with her. I used my dominant hand to write to her in my journal, (in my case it was my right hand because I am right handed), and then placed the pen in my non-dominant hand to allow her to respond. I did this ritual for an hour a day for several days. The results were miraculous! My inner child began to respond to my attention. It took me more than a week of writing to her, and telling her how much I loved her. In my mind’s eye, I saw myself as a small child. I held her, and hugged her to let her know that she could trust me. She told me things in my journal that I did not remember from my childhood. Some were scary, but others were magical experiences told through her eyes. I continued to write to her for months afterwards. One day while I was sitting at my kitchen table, I felt like thousands of butterflies had been released within my heart. I knew without a doubt, that she and I were now one, and an amazing integration had occurred. My life has never been the same…within or without.

Do you dare to be you? Can you take off the masks that are merely a charade? With complete honesty comes complete freedom. You deserve to be loved, accepted, and admired for being exactly who you are…and it starts with you. As you begin your journey of self-love, you will be amazed at how the universe will reflect that right back to you. The people in your life will shower you with love, not only because you feel that you deserve love, but because you expect and demand it!

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!