Inspiration: Finding Peace Within The Fog

The fog is around me, but also within me. Sitting in a worn red rowboat, in the middle of a still lake, I am at peace. I feel the gentle rhythm of the water as it rocks me, as if rocking a baby in a cradle.The movement is comforting, and there is a supportive presence within the fog that enfolds me. The cool mist that settles upon me nurtures my mind, body and soul. I am drifting, yet with purpose.

I have been given this image by my spirit guides to reassure me that within the search for my new life path, all is well. This image is so symbolic of where I am in my life at present. The fog represents the lack of clarity that I am currently feeling. The lake is my subconscious, and contains the emotion within it. The rowboat of course would have to be red. The red of energy and passion. I sit within the red rowboat, ready to use the energy and passion in my life. All I am truly seeking is the clarity of how I am to use it. I am so very comfortable and at peace with my emotions, and eager to listen to the whisperings and secrets of my subconscious, but for now I am still.

I have been in this place before at other times in my life. Years ago I would have tried to force my will upon my subconscious, attempting to pry it open until it’s secrets spilled forth. Now I have the experience and wisdom to know that it is to my greatest benefit to allow the secrets of my subconscious to reveal themselves as I am ready to receive them. More often than not the issue revolves around my getting out of my own way. All limiting thoughts, ideas, and beliefs have to be cleared away so that inspiration from deep within the mind can spring forth and create movement towards the new path that will be taken. There are times when I get glimpses or hints of the direction that I am moving in. It truly is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. I take time daily to acknowledge and to journal any ideas or promptings that I am receiving, and I have also discovered through past experience that the soul’s direction often comes in the form of baby steps. Rather than being given the complete picture, quite often I am given only the very next step to take. This can be very challenging for anyone that doesn’t have faith or trust. Fortunately I am not lacking in either of those, but I can become so eager to move forward, that occasionally I can become a little frustrated at the speed at which forward movement takes place. Then I must remind myself that in order for me to receive my greatest desires, the universe has to shuffle people, situations, and things around to fill my order.

There is a spark of anticipation and excitement growing within me. That seems a little strange since I have no definite idea where I am going next. I suppose it is the concept of newness that intrigues me and sparks a flame within. One thing that I am sure of is that I have reached the end of one chapter in my life. At the end of this chapter I have closed the book. There will be no epilogue, and I have no reason to revisit or reread this book. The past is the past, and there it shall remain. I look forward to the promptings of my soul, and the mysterious and mystical revelations of my subconscious. There is no fear in the fog, just a hidden knowledge that leads to discovery.

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!


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