Inspiration: The Magical World Between Asleep And Awake

Yesterday morning I was in that space between totally asleep and totally awake. It’s like you are on a suspension bridge that connects two very different worlds. It’s a place of total creativity, openness, and completely without limits. I would have to say, that this is one of my favourite places to be everyday. I have had so many “AHA!” moments in this magical place. Well, yesterday morning was even more brilliant than usual! I was just becoming aware that it was morning, and that I was beginning to awaken, and then I heard a sound. The sound was of someone knocking. The knocking sound seemed to me to be very far away, until I focused on it. Suddenly, it was as if someone was knocking on the side of my head, and very insistently I might add! I had an inner vision of a door directly in front of me. So, of course I did what any curious person would do, and opened it. On the other side of this door stood a being dressed in white from head to toe. Before I could speak, he said, “I am your new teacher”. I thought to myself…awesome! Then I remembered to ask, “By the way, what is it that you will be teaching me?”. In a matter of fact way he answered, “The Language of Light”.

Okay, I only have a vague idea of what the Language of Light is all about. I did read the Keys Of Enoch years ago when I became a very devout spiritual explorer, but what did that mean to me exactly? I am an equally devout Google explorer, so off I go to my laptop to find out more about this new language that I am going to be learning. I found a website that resonated for me, created by Laura Pieratt, and all about the Language of Light. Here is the link: http://www.laurapieratt.com/sound-healing/. She says that “The Language of Light is the language of your Soul. It a vast and powerfully transformative divine language linked directly to God/Source/Creation. My guides explain the Language of Light as energy transmissions that “provide dynamic restructuring and realignment of your Light Body according to non-dualistic higher Truth and divine Light programs.” From my point of view, it is pure Grace bringing you exactly what you need in the moment.” This all sounds very fascinating. I am learning that the Language of Light can be spoken, toned, sung, and written, but what it all comes down to is vibration. The Language of Light is of a vibrational frequency that connects you directly to the Divine Creator. I have never been especially brilliant at learning new languages, but something tells me that this language is a part of me, and it will come to me effortlessly through my allowance of it.

I have been experiencing other changes as well that I feel are related to this experience. I had a dream where I was standing in front of a large gold safe, the kind that you would see in a bank vault. I desired to open the safe, but I either couldn’t or didn’t know how to open it. Suddenly, a man appeared by my side who had a special magnetic gadget that removed all of the screws that held the safe door in place. A safe that held very precious and sacred knowledge. I have also noticed that the tones in my inner ears are getting progressively louder. As if they are trying to get my attention. This is all very much about the Language of Light.

I am a very conscientious student, and once I decide that I am going to learn something, I jump in with both feet. I eagerly await my next class with my new teacher. My feeling is, that it will be somewhere beyond asleep and awake.

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!


5 thoughts on “Inspiration: The Magical World Between Asleep And Awake”

  1. Hey Paula

    Synchronicity brings me here. I’ve been exploring that hypnagogic state between sleep and wake for some time now too – (it’s one of the most interesting places that the mind can inhabit), and looking for the “white dreams” – and here you have it. Thanks for showing me the way! I’m sure it’s the opening to something worthwhile.


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