Inspiration: In Step To The Cosmic Waltz


It feels to me, that I am a flag at the top of the flag pole being buffeted by the winds of change. Over and over again I am whipped and tossed by the heightened energies, and although I remain intact in body, my mind, emotions, memories and consciousness are forever altered or swept away. The sun is a great catalyst as it spews forth the ingredients to create and transform everyone and everything in our corner of the universe. Every time the Sun sends out another blast towards our beloved planet, within a few hours my head begins to spin, and many other parts of my body react.  Even the other planets have joined in the sun’s game, and are conspiring to create us anew through sacred geometry, with trines, conjunctions, squares and right angles in varying degrees. Our universe is like is a grand cosmic ballroom,  with our creator being both the conductor and the orchestra, we are beckoned to join the dance. We, of course, have free will to either waltz in perfect time to the music, or to be the wall flower standing on the sidelines of life. Me? I have always enjoyed the dance, with all of it’s twists and turns. The real key to it all, is learning the steps to keep time with the music. That is where the real fun begins!

I have been receiving intuitive messages from my spirit guides, that the Spring Equinox 2015 is a sacred and special time. That the days from March 20th to March 23rd hold great meaning for us, and signal a period of great unfolding. We are being asked to allow all of our mental, emotional and physical baggage to fall away, since we cannot take it to where we are going. For me personally, I am finding that old memories of deep sadness and pain, no longer have a hold over me. I also notice that any anger from the past, can’t be resurrected, and emotional triggers are non-existent.  I have made great strides in learning to dance in the new energies. My inner sight continually shows me that I am on a great journey. Two days ago, on March 16th, I began feeling a tremendously intense energy “dragging” me towards the time of the Equinox. The feeling of being “dragged” was creating fear within me, so I chose to turn it around and take a more empowered position. I suddenly saw with my inner vision, that I was wearing a jet pack. I was using the energy of the Equinox to catapult me forward, instead of being pulled. I realized that I was not only empowered within this energy, but also honouring the creator within me. For two days I was using this energetic jet pack to lead me towards my destination. Today is March 18th, and I have arrived. What I see before me is a vast energy mass that is made up of pure potential for the creation of a brand new earth. Who is to create it…you ask? WE ARE!!! We are the creators of our world on every level. I am seeing that I have joined with my spiritual brothers and sisters, shoulder to shoulder, and heart to heart. What do you desire in your world that lives in the deepest places within your heart? What will set your heart ablaze with a passion that you have never experienced? Go within…find it…then focus on creating it! I was told by my spiritual team that March 23rd signals the moment when “everything will change”. This puts a whole new spin on being the change that you want to see in the world. I know that I desire to create a world based on love and peace, where nothing and no one is lacking anything, where nature is honoured, and there is a deep reverence for each other within humanity. That is just for starters. There is no limit to what we can create with a loving focus. It is so exciting to think that as of March 23rd, what we have created will be revealed to us! So, do you want to stand on the sidelines, or do you want to dance, and be an active creator of the world that we live in? We shall soon see!

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!