Inspiration…is it behind door #1, door #2, or door #3?

I am standing in a place surrounded by doors. At present they are all closed. Not because they are locked and I can’t open them, but because I haven’t chosen to open them…yet.

I have a dear friend who uses a meditation based on this very concept. She calls it her “Palace of Possibilities”. She describes it as walking down a long hallway surrounded by doors, each one waiting to be opened to unlimited possibilities of one sort or another. Her inner child accompanies her on these sacred journey’s of self-discovery, so that she can approach each door with an open heart and a child’s sense of curiosity and wonder. This whole concept really speaks to me.

At first, being surrounded by all of these doors and possibilities, seems daunting and overwhelming. Which one do I open first? What if I don’t like what is behind a door? What if there is something “scary” there? If I go through the door, can I come back out again, if I change my mind? What if…what if…what if. Wow! I was turning something fun and wonderful into something hard and challenging! Time to change it up I thought.

I decided that I would open all of my doors! It’s awesome to have choices, right? Guided by my heart, I began to open my doors. As I open a door, I go deep within my heart and allow myself to feel what this opportunity or possibility is all about for me. If I feel a sense of adventure, excitement and joy, then I venture forward through the door to see where it leads me. Often I have found, that opening one door leads to another door, as synchronicities and inner guidance lead me onward. Other times I have entered through a door and found that there is something valuable for me within that space, but as the experience and learning ends for me there, so does the need for that door. I don’t go out and close the door behind me, the door just becomes obsolete for me.  I thought there was a door that was a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth and learning, but it was literally and suddenly slammed in my face, or rather chained and padlocked when I tried to enter. Now that was just weird! Why have a door if I am not allowed to open it? Well, that’s where being fluid when it comes to change really comes in handy. That opportunity may not have been all that it appeared to be.

I have never found it difficult to make a decision. In fact, I have made many spontaneous decisions in my life that were totally life changing. I have actually woken up in the morning and decided to quit my job that day, without any prior consideration with regards to consequences in my life, or how I might pay my bills that month. I based the decision on my gut feeling and intuition. It has never failed me yet, and it has always led to me to a new door to open. I have ended several relationships for the same reason. I remember waking up one morning and I just “knew” that a significant relationship of 2 years was done. I ended it that day. Sometimes there appears to be no rhyme or reason as to a choice, but there is on a soul level. The soul reveals the doors of choices and possibilities, the life lessons, and is a constant loving partner in it all.

There seems to be a limitless number of doors and choices. New doors may appear after a period of introspection and inner transformation. These doors may appear new, but were actually there all along. A total change in perspective allows them to appear, where they didn’t seem to exist before. These doors of discovery are what make life a true adventure!

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!