Who needs a vacation when you can travel through time and space…hmmm???

time travelWell, hasn’t the last few months been extraordinary? I have found it pretty much exhausting, with great glimpses of clarity, and every so often a little jolt of energy.

A recent and very lucid dream confirmed my already held belief that we can indeed travel through time and space at will. Where our thoughts are, is where we are. In my dream, I was seated at a small, square cafe table. Sitting across  from me, was a youngish brunette haired woman. Her and I never moved from where we sat, but every minute or so, everything around us would change. Sometimes other people would join us at our table, that came from seemingly nowhere, then a few moments later they would disappear from our reality. other times the food and drink over a short period of time would change. Plates of food would appear, only to appear to dissolve a short while later. This went on for quite some time. Then I looked at the young woman who sat before me and said…”and that is how you shift through time and space”. I said it in such a matter of fact manner, and felt as if I had been demonstrating this process to her, so that she could use it herself. We were literally moving our focus from one set of circumstances to another effortlessly, and choosing an alternate timeline to focus on in the moment.

I have long since felt that we are experiencing multiple timelines at once. Every time that we choose a different course within our lives, it creates a new parallel reality. Which means…and here’s the kicker…that we can also access all of our various other lifetimes, because they are not in the “past”, but happening simultaneously! I have spent so many night times visiting these other lifetimes, and other “me’s”, to work out and resolve emotional, mental and spiritual issues. What an adventure that has been! Above all else, it has taught me compassion and self love. I have done some deeds that caused great pain to my fellow humans, the animal kingdom, not to mention myself. When the situation is approached with compassion and unconditional love, it is healed immediately. Then a wonderful sense of freedom is revealed.

I have gotten to the point that I can recognize and identify the people in my life, and where we have met before in other lifetimes. This offers great insight into these relationships, and what aspects of it  need to be worked out in this lifetime. The first time this happened was 20 years ago. My husband at the time, and I, were having some issues in our marriage. In meditation I saw one our lifetimes together. He was also my husband in that lifetime. He wanted an heir that I was unable to give him. Since divorce wasn’t an option, he chose to throw me over the edge of the bluffs to end our marriage, and my life. He ended up marrying my cousin, who gave him 3 children. In our present life , We had 3 children together, but I later divorced him and moved out with the children. The resulting Karma is not a punishment as some believe, but allows for a compassionate understanding of our actions, and the resulting consequences. It is not about judgement of self or others, but very much about taking a more loving approach to our interactions with those in our lives. To take it a step further…when we heal our own pain and suffering, because we are all one, we heal the same issues for the entire human family.

Believe me when I say that I am no scientist, not even a science geek. I think that the only science course that I ever took was biology. However, there is something to the theories in time travel that really peaks my interest. But then, what would I know, I am just a time/space traveler sitting in a cafe waiting for my next journey of insight and understanding.


2 thoughts on “Who needs a vacation when you can travel through time and space…hmmm???”

  1. Wonderful Paula! Thanks for the post! I too have found myself frequently dreaming of other times and places. My experience is not as extensive as yours, so please tell us more when you get a chance!

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