Oh, boy…time/space travel sure can be awkward…

multidimensionalityFor God sake… would someone please pick my jaw up off the floor!

I am sitting across the table from my best friend,(of fifty years no less), and she casually mentions something about her birthday. Suddenly, the bells, whistles and sirens go off in my head, and my jaw drops to the floor! Crap! What month and day is it today? Let’s just say, that I felt like the back end of a donkey, when I realized that it was a few days past her birthday. In all 50 years of being friends I can’t ever recall letting her birthday pass by without celebrating it in some form. Thank heavens that she is a very gracious, kind and forgiving soul. It was then that I realized that I had truly left linear time behind, and that living in the “real world” was going to be a challenge. Note to self: multi-dimensional time travel can be awkward.

I have noticed lately that I have to check my calendar several times a day to ensure that I actually know what day it is, and where I am supposed to be on any given day. Although yesterday was Thursday, for some reason I was convinced that it was Friday. This happens to me all of the time now. Since I don’t have a Monday to Friday nine to five type of job, I am proceeding with the greatest of caution.

The other thing that I have noticed in the last while, is that I am beginning to read others thoughts with great clarity and precision. Sometimes I have to really think…did I receive that thought telepathically, or did that person actually say it out loud? Of course, I can usually pick up the thoughts of those that I am emotionally closer to, easier than strangers. For instance, the other day I walked into the house after work and I heard the words in my head, “Let’s go out for dinner!”. Within seconds, those thoughts were echoed as my partner said the words to me out loud. I guess it’s like anything…if you acknowledge it and pay attention…it becomes second nature. I can think of a few people’s thoughts that I wouldn’t like to read…just sayin’! Note to self: get a telepathic filter for strangers

Last but certainly not least, I have been noticing that things are starting to go missing. Things that I habitually and always put in the same place, are suddenly just gone! This past spring we noticed that a few of our outdoor plants in the garden had not survived the very harsh winter. I always keep the receipts for them, that offer a years guarantee for replacement, in my bedside table drawer. I looked in the drawer three times, took everything out of the drawer, and still couldn’t find the receipts. I went downstairs and told my partner that I had no clue where they had gone. A while later that day, I went to the very same drawer to get something else, and there were the receipts right on top and very visible. In one reality an object exists, but in another parallel reality it doesn’t, since different choices and decisions have been made in each reality leading to a different outcome. Confusing you say? Definitely! My question is…how do I know which reality I am in at any given moment? Note to self: get a multi-dimensional GPS

Although I am definitely still a novice in multi-dimensional time and space travel, there are a few things that I have discovered. First of all and maybe most importantly, wherever your thoughts and focus are, so you are. Negative and random thoughts can lead you to a place that you don’t necessarily desire to go. Patience is key, especially when you are looking for something in a reality where it doesn’t exist. Just because someone’s mind is an open book, it doesn’t mean that you want to read it .Ewww! Get yourself a calendar or day planner and write down every date and appointment, and especially your best friends birthday!


3 thoughts on “Oh, boy…time/space travel sure can be awkward…”

  1. I’m right with ya! I check the calendar multiple times a day! I also have all birth dates and anniversaries written down on it. My pattern is that I notice that someone’s birthday is in a few days but then by the time the day actually arrives, I don’t recall at all because I am looking ahead on the calendar. Note to self send out early birthday greetings! When you get that multi-dimensional GPS make sure you tell us all about it!


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