The Mystery of Memory Bubbles


Have you ever been going through your day, minding your own business, when out of nowhere you have a totally random thought? I’m talking about events, people and places that you haven’t given a thought to in decades? So bizarre… surreal even! I have discovered the wonderful blessings in these moments are to be embraced as an opportunity for self discovery. But, I am probably getting a little ahead of myself here.

It all started back in the fall of 2015. Our wonderful and dear planet  was being pummeled with energy from many sources converging at the same time. I felt like I was being sandblasted on all levels of my being, to the point that some days I wanted to do nothing but sleep. I am sure that it was spirits way of making me slow down and take notice. I would feel muscle and nerve twitches in my body as blocked energy would release itself on a physical level, while at the same time I would have a fleeting thought about a particular person or event. These thoughts felt like thought bubbles rising to the surface and then popping to release their precious cargo. I call these my memory  bubbles. More often than not, I would also experience an emotional release from within my emotional body that completed the understanding of the experience. Many times these memory bubbles came and went so fleetingly, that I would miss them if I was busy with something in my day to day activities. I made a conscious choice to make these insightful thoughts a priority, since I knew just how precious they were in my journey of self discovery.

It’s not important to me, or even necessary to dissect all of my thought processes. I just use my memory bubbles as a form of insight and greater understanding of an experience that had a significant impact on me at some point in my life. They just kind of fill in the missing pieces for me. The same thoughts may recur for a period of time as I release all of the physical, mental and emotional components of the experience from all aspects of my being. Once I am finished with the past elements of the experience being released, then I find that I no longer have memory bubbles about that experience.

The best part of my memory  bubbles is knowing that when they surface, that they have left me forever, and I am closer to being free of the past that haunted me and supressed my inner joy. I find that if I stay in the present moment, alert to whatever surfaces, then I can deal with anything that arises from the past. It’s almost like being in two worlds at once.


It’s funny how the smallest thing from the present can trigger your memory bank, and you suddenly find yourself reliving your past. I feel that it is our soul’s way of reminding us of an experience that we are not done with yet. But I do know, that the soul knows best, and we are never given more to deal with than we can handle. We are all very brave souls to come to this world in the first place.

I embrace and appreciate all of my life’s experiences. I honour the wisdom of my soul that guides my journey, and reveals the treasures within. My memory bubbles are now decreasing almost daily as I surrender to their inner understanding and guidance, leaving behind them an inner peace and a feeling of freedom. It really gives a whole new and positive meaning to “burst your bubble”!




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