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When you arrived on Earth, you had an idea of what The Universe had planned for you. You were excited and happy for the experience. Yes, there have been

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GALACTIC FEDERATION of PLANETS – The RV, New Dawn – 2-14-18 – by Era Of Light – by Sananda.website — Higher Density Blog

Source: Era of Light DEAR HUMANITY, Please know there are many light-workers, healers spiritually awake people who are ready to aid as many awaken from your dream state to connect with truth. The truth of living in a matrix controlled by a handful of families. The truth that set religions and their books have been altered to fit the needs of the […]

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Stop The Memory-Go-Round! I want off!

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The memory loop plays over and over in my minds’ eye. I want it to stop, but how do I do it?

It was over 25 years ago when I began this life altering journey back to myself, my true self. It started with childhood memories that came back to me within my mind. Some were surprising to me, and others just confirmation of what my intuition was telling me. At that time the memories were beneficial, in that they allowed me to discover why I felt the way that I did about certain relationships in my life, and the reactions that followed. I spent the time and effort to heal and transform those aspects of myself that weren’t whole, and that were shattered and scattered through time and space. I had come a very long way since then, but still the memories seemed to be stuck in a loop in my mind, playing over and over again, the same old story.

I had transformed myself emotionally to the point where very little could pull me off  a centered and grounded balance. My physical body had been cleared, cleansed and uplifted energetically. My mind was clear of the toxins, and I had replaced unhealthy belief systems with healthy ones. So, I had to ask myself, why do these loops of memories continue to replay over and over again in the same way? How do I change this?

I was meditating one day about my childhood and the various memories and relationships, when I had a lightening bolt of inspiration!. I thought, if I can change and transform all of the other parts of me, why don’t I change these memory loops to something more positive…happy memories! (Our memories are nothing more than our perspective of events at the time anyway.)

During meditations, I would choose a memory from my childhood. I would look at it and ask myself what I would change about that memory to make it more loving and happy for me. Once I decided on what the alternative memory would look like, I would replay the happier memory over and over in my mind. To my wonderful surprise, the old memory would be erased and the new one took it’s place with very little effort! I continued to do this with all of the negative memories, with great success! If I came across a memory, or an aspect of a memory, that was resistant to any kind of change, I would know that there was still some clearing work to do in that area. It has worked like a charm for me, time and time again. It’s kind of like watching T.V., if you are not enjoying the program, change the channel! It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do the transformative work physically, mentally and emotionally, but rewriting the script of the memories, seems to be the missing link to peace, joy, and happiness.



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We are in Uncharted Territory by: Jenny Schiltz

Forever Unlimited

We are in Uncharted Territory

We are in Uncharted Territory

What a huge whirlwind of energy we have been in! We are experiencing massive upgrades to our physical form and purging deep conditioning and even collapsing timelines. The gateway we experienced on the 31st of January has left many feeling out of sorts and exhausted. Some, however, are energized by these energies. Whatever you experience is perfect for you.

Physically, I noticed lots of cranial expansion and upgrades in the brain. I experienced “headaches” in different regions of the brain that lasted 5 or 10 minutes and then it would move to another area.

Many people experienced back of the head/upper neck pain as the cerebellum was rewired for a higher vibrational experience. After the upgrades, my estuation tubes are clogged and I…

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The Universe Is Listening | The Creator – 1-13-18 – by Rainbow Wave Of Light — Higher Density Blog

Do you ever wonder why others always say, “Watch your words, watch your thoughts?” Some of you have noticed that your manifesting abilities have increased ten-fold. For those of you not used to it, this may come as a bit of a shock. (Smiling) A thought, any thought, you generate as you move through your existence […]

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