Experiencing Quantum Healing Hypnosis – Past Life Regression Therapy

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A few nights ago I did a Quantum Healing Hypnosis – Past life regression Therapy (QHHT) with Michael Garber of Transformotion.

This was an on-line group past life regression that Michael guided us through in a live video chat from the comfort of our homes. He did a few guided visualizations to set the scene. We were supposed to imagine different experiences with all our senses. Hearing, smelling, seeing, feeling… To fully immerse ourselves in the experience we were imagining. Then we moved into the past life part.

I thought I’d share this experience. To me it is along the same lines of dreaming and meditation. I would liken it the most to the hypnagogic state when you are aware of your physical body and location while at the same time experiencing another reality that is out of your control. I don’t know if I believe in the idea of…

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Cycles of Death and Rebirth ~ The Power of Letting Go ~ July 13, 2018


By April Bender

Without a doubt, one of the most creative and transformative movements we as human souls are blessed to experience is that of death and rebirth. This is a process that we are invited to engage in many times throughout the course of our lives to varying degree, as it is a process of growth and renewal.

Often these cycles arrive seemingly unannounced, catching us off-guard and thrusting us out of the safety of our well-crafted inner mansions of illusion. No matter the catalyst, they challenge us to examine our core beliefs, assumptions, intentions, expectations and ways of being in the world. This is because on many different levels, they no longer serve us (or the collective) and are inhibiting not only our growth but our experiences of peace, joy, freedom, and authenticity – qualities of our divine birthright.

The death of these old friends can leave us…

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MotherGod ~ This Chapter of the Earth Plane Has Been Completed ~ July 13, 2018 — roseramblesdotorg

Posted by sanandawebsite By galaxygirl Greetings children, this is your Mother God speaking tender words of utmost encouragement tonight. For you are weary, we see this. In the quiet I am here, can you hear me? I see you, can you see me? I am all around you, children, and oh, I love you so […]

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Activating Purity Through Playing, Beauty, Nature, Happiness and Joy — Era of Light

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing! Learning to play like an innocent child, frolicking in nature, connecting with the FEELING and VISUAL STIMULATION of BEAUTY is an important part of our Soul Awakening process here. I remember how much I resisted this part, because my linear me was holding on to so much still and would not…

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Goddess of Creation: The New Independence — Era of Light

This channel took place right before Independence Day in the US which is July 4th. It actually is really interesting. The Goddess spoke about the independence we seek within ourselves and what that usually looks like. Most people consider independence to be a place where you rely on yourself and don’t need others to accomplish…

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How Trees Help Create the Fresh Water Supply – via A Tree A Day – 9-1-16 — Blue Dragon Journal

Originally posted on Higher Density Blog: ? A Tree A Day Published on Sep 1, 2016 SUBSCRIBE 351 Learn more at http://www.trilliontreescampaign.org Trees and forests play a key role in producing the planet’s fresh water supply, by both creating and attracting clouds, and by guiding rainwater into rivers, lakes and the underground water table. Restoring currently…

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The Seven Symptoms of every Solar Eclipse – By The Alchemist – 7-12-18 – via Magical Recipes Online

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The Seven Symptoms of every Solar Eclipse


I‘m pretty sure you’ve already learned so much about the Magic of each Eclipse and how does it affect you. It goes without saying that for us, the Magical Community, each Eclipse is a chance for tremendous spiritual power. We actually schedule many magical rituals with friends in Qooest.com and we are looking forward to see more participate! No matter what aspects do the eclipses form – like Today’s Eclipse, you should know that – magically speaking – the effect of the Solar Eclipse is pretty standard.

Effects of Eclipses

Obviously, the Scientific Community, denies any kind of paranormal effect from the Eclipses. However, there have been detected weird ‘effects’ of Eclipses on the animal kingdom which you can actually check out here. Moreover, NASA confirms ‘profound psychological effects’ of the eclipses, which may lead to actual events in a form of massive hysteria.

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