Timothy Glenn ~ 2018: Welcome to the Storm

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Today’s post comes from my “tell-it-like-it-is” friend, the beloved Timothy Glenn. In retrospect, you’ll find his pre-Eclipse article from August 2017 eerily prophetic. I have a few notes before his article begins. Since people always ask me for my own take on Tim’s information, I’ll share my comments here.
I very much agree with Tim’s observations about the Opt-Out Clause. I was just saying, “People are dropping like flies these days — young ones, too.” In addition to our dear friend Tim Martin who passed right before Saturn went into Capricorn, I’ve supported so many people and animals as they crossed over these past few months, and/or helped their remaining loved ones process the changes.
I do want to mention that in addition to those opting out, with the fertility work I do, I also see so many amazing souls opting in. The huge hearts, creativity and…

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