The Barriers Come down, The Masks Come Off: Cassiopeia, Elohim Of The 2nd Ray

rainbow butterfly

I felt that many others are going through this experience since we have come through the spring equinox portal. May this sharing, shed some light.

My twin flame Cassiopeia is here, because of the shift I experienced last night. The falling away of all the barriers, the walls, the masks. I am feeling entirely naked, and vulnerable, but not afraid. I can no longer hide who I am. Others may adjust, or not, but that is their choice, but I am who I am. So, welcome Cassiopeia, and what can you tell me about this shift that I am experiencing:


You were in a lovely, soft, comfortable haven of a cocoon, transforming, transpiring, to become something else. For you were not comfortable in your own skin. As the snake sheds it’s skin for renewal, so have you also. You have emerged from the chrysalis, the cocoon, and you are the most beautiful butterfly. You have emerged with dampened wings, to allow to time to facilitate your knowingness into your new path. As your wings dry, you will know how to step forward into what, and who, you honestly are, divinity in a human body. It is likened to an actor playing a part. You are tiring of these parts, feeling ingenuine, out of sorts, eager to be more. And so, we honoured your request, and made it so. You cannot go back, but we feel you are thrilled, more than thrilled, to be moving into a new paradigm, of a higher dimensional quality and resonance. You only need take it one step at a time. Do not put pressure on yourself, flow with the ease and the grace that you are, as a soul. We will guide you, we honour your path, your independence as you see it, your choices. We also know that you have set your sights on the most holy of purposes, and we delight in that. Do not impede your progress by doubting yourself, or second guessing yourself. Try…all you can do is try, and if you feel that direction does not honour your truth, then choose another. The only pressure that will be placed upon you is by yourself, so let go, and love, and be. We shall bring you a great many people, for friendship, for support, to honour your life purpose, for you are an amazing healer because you feel so deeply and you honour others’ true path. You mirror to them, that which they are in essence, and it inspires them. In the coming weeks and months, we will give you little hints and clues, directional markers, and inspiration. Ease into that, follow that, and listen to your heart all the while, for it knows best. That is all you need to know for today. You have our greatest love and admiration, for your courage in accepting the position of leadership through example, of your heart light energy. Spread it around. Sew the seeds of love, that others may pick the flowers and benefit. And so it is.

Cassiopeia, Elohim of the 2nd ray

Channeled by: Paula Marchand


Now You See It…Now You Don’t!


“What is wrong with this world?!?”, I hear this exclaimed, time and time again. Certainly, the news is full of doom and gloom, whether you read it, watch it, or listen to it. I used to watch CNN all of the time, and I followed blogs and websites that claimed to “be in the know”. I began to wonder what difference it would make if I just stopped paying any attention to the main stream media. Some would claim that I would just be sticking my head in the sand, or that I just didn’t care about the plight of others on this planet. I have to admit that the opinion of others towards me, doesn’t much matter to me. I decided to try an experiment. I gave up all news completely for a month, then something interesting happened.

happy face


I felt happy. I felt at peace. I began to focus on the positive things in my life, and I was grateful. Letting go of all of that negativity in my life, created more room for the positive. I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off of me, and I began to notice all the little everyday things that brought me joy. The greatest joy for me was simple things like a bird chirping away in the trees, the bounty of tomatoes growing in my garden, and the bursts of blooms along my garden fence. All of the joy, peace and contentment that I felt, seemed to be amplified, and kept away any of the anxious thoughts that used to linger within.Everyday, I would sit outside and give thanks for the beauty of the day, and just appreciate. I would connect to our beloved earth, and send her loving energies of gratitude. She always answered back, sending a Monarch butterfly floating past, or a Blue Jay squawking up high in the trees, and the calming warmth of the sun. It was magical!


I realized that being pulled into other peoples tragedies doesn’t serve any purpose. I can still send them light and love from where I am, knowing that they will receive it on some level. Most importantly, I knew that I could change the world just by changing myself, and by being the change that I wanted to see in the world. I realized that it really did come down to where I placed my focus, if I wanted to be happy, then I had to focus on happy things. Then came a clear sense of “now you see it, (change my focus), now you don’t!” I would definitely recommend this experiment to anyone and everyone. Imagine for a minute, if everyone on this earth focused on loving and positive thoughts and feelings. The world would change in the blink of an eye. Some would say that is a pie in the sky dream, but I wouldn’t be too sure. I still don’t watch or read the news, and that has been one of the best decisions of my life.


love earth