The Barriers Come down, The Masks Come Off: Cassiopeia, Elohim Of The 2nd Ray

rainbow butterfly

I felt that many others are going through this experience since we have come through the spring equinox portal. May this sharing, shed some light.

My twin flame Cassiopeia is here, because of the shift I experienced last night. The falling away of all the barriers, the walls, the masks. I am feeling entirely naked, and vulnerable, but not afraid. I can no longer hide who I am. Others may adjust, or not, but that is their choice, but I am who I am. So, welcome Cassiopeia, and what can you tell me about this shift that I am experiencing:


You were in a lovely, soft, comfortable haven of a cocoon, transforming, transpiring, to become something else. For you were not comfortable in your own skin. As the snake sheds it’s skin for renewal, so have you also. You have emerged from the chrysalis, the cocoon, and you are the most beautiful butterfly. You have emerged with dampened wings, to allow to time to facilitate your knowingness into your new path. As your wings dry, you will know how to step forward into what, and who, you honestly are, divinity in a human body. It is likened to an actor playing a part. You are tiring of these parts, feeling ingenuine, out of sorts, eager to be more. And so, we honoured your request, and made it so. You cannot go back, but we feel you are thrilled, more than thrilled, to be moving into a new paradigm, of a higher dimensional quality and resonance. You only need take it one step at a time. Do not put pressure on yourself, flow with the ease and the grace that you are, as a soul. We will guide you, we honour your path, your independence as you see it, your choices. We also know that you have set your sights on the most holy of purposes, and we delight in that. Do not impede your progress by doubting yourself, or second guessing yourself. Try…all you can do is try, and if you feel that direction does not honour your truth, then choose another. The only pressure that will be placed upon you is by yourself, so let go, and love, and be. We shall bring you a great many people, for friendship, for support, to honour your life purpose, for you are an amazing healer because you feel so deeply and you honour others’ true path. You mirror to them, that which they are in essence, and it inspires them. In the coming weeks and months, we will give you little hints and clues, directional markers, and inspiration. Ease into that, follow that, and listen to your heart all the while, for it knows best. That is all you need to know for today. You have our greatest love and admiration, for your courage in accepting the position of leadership through example, of your heart light energy. Spread it around. Sew the seeds of love, that others may pick the flowers and benefit. And so it is.

Cassiopeia, Elohim of the 2nd ray

Channeled by: Paula Marchand


Now You See It…Now You Don’t!


“What is wrong with this world?!?”, I hear this exclaimed, time and time again. Certainly, the news is full of doom and gloom, whether you read it, watch it, or listen to it. I used to watch CNN all of the time, and I followed blogs and websites that claimed to “be in the know”. I began to wonder what difference it would make if I just stopped paying any attention to the main stream media. Some would claim that I would just be sticking my head in the sand, or that I just didn’t care about the plight of others on this planet. I have to admit that the opinion of others towards me, doesn’t much matter to me. I decided to try an experiment. I gave up all news completely for a month, then something interesting happened.

happy face


I felt happy. I felt at peace. I began to focus on the positive things in my life, and I was grateful. Letting go of all of that negativity in my life, created more room for the positive. I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off of me, and I began to notice all the little everyday things that brought me joy. The greatest joy for me was simple things like a bird chirping away in the trees, the bounty of tomatoes growing in my garden, and the bursts of blooms along my garden fence. All of the joy, peace and contentment that I felt, seemed to be amplified, and kept away any of the anxious thoughts that used to linger within.Everyday, I would sit outside and give thanks for the beauty of the day, and just appreciate. I would connect to our beloved earth, and send her loving energies of gratitude. She always answered back, sending a Monarch butterfly floating past, or a Blue Jay squawking up high in the trees, and the calming warmth of the sun. It was magical!


I realized that being pulled into other peoples tragedies doesn’t serve any purpose. I can still send them light and love from where I am, knowing that they will receive it on some level. Most importantly, I knew that I could change the world just by changing myself, and by being the change that I wanted to see in the world. I realized that it really did come down to where I placed my focus, if I wanted to be happy, then I had to focus on happy things. Then came a clear sense of “now you see it, (change my focus), now you don’t!” I would definitely recommend this experiment to anyone and everyone. Imagine for a minute, if everyone on this earth focused on loving and positive thoughts and feelings. The world would change in the blink of an eye. Some would say that is a pie in the sky dream, but I wouldn’t be too sure. I still don’t watch or read the news, and that has been one of the best decisions of my life.


love earth


Me In The Third Person


The solar eclipse of March 8th was stunning. I couldn’t see it with my physical eyes, but I could feel it to the very depth of my being. I just wanted to be aware and alive within that energy of consequence.

I slept like a log last night without a dream that I can remember. I awoke early this morning with my mouth feeling like the Sahara desert, so off I went in search of water. In the mornings, I usually listen to music that is soft and nature themed. It puts me in a waking meditation of sorts, and gets me in touch with what is happening within. The alterations that the solar eclipse have provided us with, are beginning to show themselves. Although tricky to put into words, I feel larger than life. I am so very aware of my consciousness being  much greater than my body, as if my body is only the tip of the iceberg. I still feel sensations within my body, but my body feels like it belongs to someone else, as if I am sensing myself in the third person. The physical 3D plane of existence seems so insignificant, when everything beyond it is so vast and meaningful…and infinite! As I connect to the earth, all I see is a brilliant star, that I am now completely one with, in purpose and intent. Energetically, I have been lifted out of the matrix to a whole new level of being and purpose. It will be interesting to go about my day in this very new vibrational space. I sense, and see, my spiritual unfoldment  like a lock with many tumblers, as each one moves into place and releases, the next one is triggered. And so it continues, until all of my soul’s  divine secrets have been released, empowerment the ultimate response.


I checked my emails this morning, and it was interesting that this daily quote was front and centre:

It feels so good to realize that the Energy that creates worlds is supporting you; to wake up every morning in clarity, knowing exactly who-you-are; to know that Source is thinking through you; to experience meaningful rendezvous; to dovetail with the right people who give you the right piece of information just at the right time; to never feel dependent upon anyone; to know with clarity who-you-are; to feel the Energy that creates worlds moving though your fingertips and through your mind; to see evidence all around you of the thoughts you have been thinking and to feel the power of who-you-are! That’s what you came for.


And so it is!


Inspiration:The path you walk alone…or do you???

guardian angelWhat used to be extraordinary, has now become the ordinary, to my ever increasing delight! It never ceases to amaze me, how quickly the clients that I work with, evolve from one session to the next. As I allow the most magnificent energies to flow through me and into my clients, I am witness to their ever changing evolution. It once was only on the rare occasion, as I directed healing divine energies into their chakras, that I would see their energy centres light up before my eyes. Now most of the people that come to see me, have their inner spiritual sight wide open and ready for viewing. Their hearts are learning to trust and become filled with a loving and compassionate nature. There are still those that continue to fight a battle that never was. They are the ones who can’t seem to grasp, that the only ones that they are fighting are themselves. They seem to feel that they are all alone in this world, and they have a “them vs. me” attitude. If only they could see the truth as I do, they would know that they never walk alone… not for one day, not for one hour, not even for one second.

Most of my clients have heard about guardian angels, in fact, most have even begun to believe in them. I have the very distinct honour of meeting the guardian angels that have been walking hand in hand, and step by step with them, for most of their journey on this earth. How do I know who these guardian angels are, you might ask? These beautiful and loving beings show up at every session I have with those that they have promised to assist. Most often a guardian angel will be a loved one that has previously passed away. It could be a parent, a grandparent, a cousin, or even a close friend. It is anyone with whom they have had a bond of love while together on this earth. In one case it was quite funny. I have a client who came to see me for the first time last week. Immediately upon booking the appointment with her, I began to see a man who was in spirit form, and who insisted that I acknowledge him. He was so eager to have my client know of his presence, that he became a little pesky to say the least. As soon as our session began, I told my client about her very eager and insistent guardian angel. I described his appearance and the general intuitive feelings that I had about him, to her. He had a very protective and big brother energy about him, and he was wearing eye glasses that reminded me very much of the ones that the character Harry Potter wears. He kept pointing to his glasses and telling me to tell her that he had “found them”. At first my client couldn’t figure out who this deceased relative might be, but by the end of our session, I finally was given the name he had when he was on earth. Her guardian angel told me that his name was Robert. Suddenly she realized that he had to be her cousin who had passed away at the age of 5 years. What was really odd for her, is that he had aged to almost middle age, and that is why she hadn’t put the clues together.

In my own case, my mother who passed away several years ago, has been at my side ever since. She is always merely a thought away, which is a great comfort to me, since at her physical death she did not know me at all due to illness. She even managed to communicate to me that there was a particular piece of jewelry that she wanted me to have. Sure enough, when my father brought out her jewelry for me to look at, there was the ring that she had shown me in a mental image. When my father-in-law passed away many years ago, he wanted me to reassure my husband that he was very much at peace. It was a wonderful gift for me to give as comfort at that time.

Many of those inner urges and inspired thoughts that come your way, are actually these supportive and encouraging loved ones that are forever in your court, and that forever have your back. These loving angels may come to you in dreams, but know that they always come with a message of love and support, please pay attention. Even if you can’t feel them, see them, or sense them as well as you would like, know that every step that you take, that they take it with you. Your guardian angels are with you during times of sorrow to comfort you,during times of celebration to dance with you, but most importantly they are there with light and love to help you find your way to being the most amazing and empowered being that you can be!

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!


Inspiration: Hurry up…and wait…

stop and goI have been feeling kind of like an airplane that is circling overhead, waiting for permission to land. Everything about my inspired life is crystal clear. I am so sure of where I am heading and why. Some of the how’s are a little sketchy still, but the desire is so strong and the heart is so willing, that I know all will unfold in pure perfection. There is still that little part of me that sits on my shoulder and whispers…”are you sure?”

I woke up one morning last week with a very strange sensation in my left knee. The area around my knee had swollen up to twice it’s normal size, and there was a very definite “crunching” noise coming from underneath my knee cap. This was beyond weird! I have discovered through the energy work that I do, that the left side of our body represents our masculine aspect, while the right side represents our feminine. Since it was the left side that was affected, and since the masculine is action-oriented, I knew that there was a part of the masculine me that was resisting the forward movement into my new life. Things that make you go…hmmmm. I have often found that  all it takes is the acknowledgement of resistance in my life to be able to let it go. Instead of getting frustrated, I turned inward and showered myself with self-love and appreciation, and before I knew it the resistance started to melt away. As is often said, “what you resist…persists”. So, three days have passed and my knee is beginning to return to normal. I know that if I had reacted to the situation with impatience and frustration, that I would still be in pain.

I can’t count the number of times that I have had such a deep desire to achieve a goal in my life, that I tried to force events to happen in order to bring my goal to fruition.  Whenever I tried to force things to happen at the pace that I expected, all it did was to lead to frustration. I have learned to trust that the universe runs on divine timing and not my version of time. I now know through experience that when we put forth a desire that comes from our heart on a soul level, that the universe works on our behalf to deliver it to us. When you think about it, that is completely mind boggling. Imagine for a moment everything that the universe has to arrange and re-arrange in order to fulfill our requests…and it does. Everything seems to fall into place, or you meet just the right person, in just the right timing. Also, when you force something to happen according to your expectations, it often leads to disapointment. The capacity of the universe to deliver is  limitless, whereas our human mind puts so many limitations and expectations on how events will unfold in our lives. If we can just put our complete faith and trust in the universe to deliver what we desire, without limiting how and when it will arrive, what we will receive will be far beyond anything that we could possibly have dreamed. The energy of the universe is based on perfect and unconditional divine love. What we  receive can sometimes feel like a major challenge rather than something wonderful. I have often had to go through these personal challenges and chaos so that I am ready and fully prepared to receive my heart’s desire. We often can’t see the big picture from our more limited human view, but in 20/20  hindsight the reason for events becomes crystal clear.  Anything that we receive is based on what is for our highest good…always.  Ask, and it is always given.

Until next time, may all of your moments be inspired ones!


Inspiration: The floodgates of the universe

universal flow Life is so amazing, and so full of surprises! I have been working at a holistic wellness centre for about a month now, and I honestly couldn’t ask for a more wonderful place to be. I have been welcomed with open arms and supported beyond belief. So much has changed since I met the person that has since changed my life. The owner of the wellness centre and I have forged such a wonderful bond. As it turns out, the owner of the wellness centre was as much inspired to meet me, as I was to meet her! Let’s just say that the universe conspired to bring us together for our mutual highest good.

It isn’t always easy for others to understand what I do or how I work, and it requires an open mind and heart to be open to what I offer. I am a transformational coach, and I incorporate intuitive energy work into each session. This is how I connect to someone on a holistic level. At the beginning of a session, I call upon the spirit guides and angels of my client in order to gain support throughout our session together. I also request that their spirit guides communicate with me and offer me guidance as to how I can assist that person. I love what I do, and I also realize the profound responsibility that is required in my position.

Since I made the commitment to being a Transformational Coach full-time, the floodgates have opened wide, and I have been sent many new and wonderful clients. Had I not listened to that voice of guidance and support, I would still be wading in a sea of doubt and confusion. As I always tell my clients, there is no such thing as a wrong decision. It is better to make any decision than to be frozen by indecision. So what! If you choose something that turns out to lead to somewhere you don’t want to go, at least now you have a better idea of what you do want. You learn by contrast, and choose something that is more in alignment with your heart’s choices. The best advice that I can ever give anyone is to choose from the heart, since the heart can never tell a lie. So often we allow our heads to rule our hearts, and the ego that is based in fear takes control. Put your ego on the sidelines and listen to your heart instead. Your heart is always in alignment with the will of your soul.

Once you have made a decision, take action! Just one step, even if it is a miniscule, can make a huge difference! That one step is giving a message to the universe that you are ready and willing to move forward. Then get out of the way and watch while the universe opens the floodgates for you. I am living proof that this is true!
Sometimes we get in our own way by not allowing the flow from the universe. This can happen when we allow self-doubt and unworthiness to stand in our way. I have been in those shoes too, and I understand only too well what an impediment this is. Each one of us is precious to our creator, and very deserving of abundance on all levels. On a soul level we are all brilliant shining stars. Allow yours to shine bright! Then allow…allow…allow, what you deserve to come to you.

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!


Inspiration: puzzle pieces galore

puzzlepcsI have always been a big picture kind of person. And I don’t mean just any old picture, but a Gone With The Wind kind of picture, colossal and complete. Inspiration doesn’t work that way…not even close. Instead, inspiration presents itself like a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle with several pieces missing. The pieces aren’t actually missing, it just appears that way for a time, like they have fallen off the table sight unseen. The irony of it all, is that you will never be able to complete the puzzle. It is a never ending puzzle that includes the events of your life, with one intriguing event that leads to another. Inspiration, like most jigsaw puzzles, can only be put together when you have completed enough of the picture to be able to add to it.
About a year ago I began receiving glimpses of inspiration about opening a holistic wellness retreat. I had a lot of ideas floating around in my busy brain, but nothing was really surfacing at that point. It seemed like there was a great potential for a jigsaw puzzle, but without the necessary pieces to create it just yet. One evening spent quietly at home became a major turning point. My cell phone rang, which is an oddity in itself since I don’t get very many calls on it. A man with a very distinct accent asked for me by name. He explained that the reason that he was calling was that he was given my name and cell phone number in meditation. He told me that he was calling from Mount Shasta, California, and that he was a kundalini energy healer. Huh? I really thought at first that someone was pulling my leg…no, both of my legs! As we spoke I realized that he was authentic. He told me that the information that he had received in meditation was that I was a healer, and that I would soon begin to see auras. He went on to say that within 2 years I would open a healing centre, become an author, and recreate my life as never before. On the deepest level he hit a chord, and I knew what he was revealing to me was true, as my body and soul reacted with inner knowing. It was as if lightening had entered my body from head to toe. I ended the call a person forever changed. During meditation one day, a piece of the puzzle appeared and hinted at a location, Sonoma County in California. Not too long afterwards, I received a full day spa package at St Anne’s as a birthday gift. As I was enjoying a wonderful day of serenity, another piece of the puzzle revealed itself and suggested that I use St. Anne’s as a model for how I could run the retreat. While researching bed and breakfasts, another piece of the puzzle fell into my lap, and I was led to a course about running your own inn. Since then, many other puzzle pieces of inspiration have appeared. What was once an enigma has become a path to discovery. I remain as open and allowing as possible to any little piece of inspiration that may come my way. My puzzle is just beginning to form a larger picture, and with every little bit added, takes on an even bigger form. Oh, the excitement of it all!

Until next time…may all of your moments be inspired ones!