Life As A Wannabe Hermit…or is that a hummingbird?

hermit I have spent most of this summer peering within. I surprise myself almost everyday! It seems that every night while I sleep, that I give birth to a newer version of myself. Things that I have wanted for years, don’t seem to matter to me anymore. It’s not that I don’t care about these things, it feels to me as if I am viewing the situation with new eyes and through a very new perspective.

hummingbirdIn the title of this sharing I have used the term hermit. I often check out the meaning of words before I use them, and I was surprised to find that there is a meaning to the word hermit of which I was completely unaware. The word hermit according to Yahoo search means…”a person living in solitude” or, and here is the interesting part, “a hummingbird found in the shady lower layers of tropical forests, foraging along a regular route”. I really felt compelled to use the term hermit to describe my recent sense of myself, so I decided that I would look up the symbolism of a hummingbird. Since solitude and hummingbirds don’t seem to go together, I looked up several websites on nature totems, and the general consensus on hummingbirds is that they symbolize finding the joy and sweetness in life. Hmmm…okay…maybe there is a connection between being a hermit and being a hummingbird. After all, where does one go to find joy and the sweetness in life? One goes within. I have spent the better part of this summer in solitude and within my inner world. What I found there wasn’t shocking or even surprising. I simply found the wonderful pieces of myself, that time and I, had forgotten. Some parts I kept, and others I filed under obsolete. I have done this day after day for the last 3 months. Throughout this process of discovery, I found something delightful. I began to notice that the hummingbird within me was beginning to emerge. In the past couple of weeks, upon waking in the morning, I have sensed a true feeling of joy. It’s not one of those feelings that is dependent on an event or a person, it just exists in it’s pure state because I allow it, and it is awesome! I still have those occasional days of doubt about what I am doing and where I am headed, but they seem to disappear at some point throughout the day as I come back into balance and alignment, once again focusing on my deep inner truth.

Moon-eclipse-Earth-MoonThe celestial events do seem to really pack a punch as well. The powerful full moons take on the essence of inner cleansing and endings, while the uplifting new moons give a renewed sense of hope and the promise of newness. September will really have us holding on to our hats. We will not only experience the autumn equinox, but also the supermoon lunar eclipse on September 28th, (depending on where you are on this glorious planet), an event that hasn’t occurred in 30 years. I find that these events offer the opportunity to propel us to greater heights on a deep soul level, if we allow them to do so. I was given a message several days ago that we are approaching a “threshold” of shifting energies on this planet. There is a lot of talk about a great energetic “wave” that is coming that will change our dear planet and all of humanity forever. My feeling is that this wave began at the end of 2014, and has been growing exponentially ever since then. I feel that this “threshold” that my spiritual team is referring to, is the very height of this wave, and it is occurring in syncronicity with the supermoon eclipse. There is no doom and gloom with all of this taking place. This fantastic wave of love and light energy will set all of us ablaze with a renewed sense of being of one family and one heart, along with our beloved planet. Don’t be surprised if world events begin to take on a whole meaning, and very much for the better.

My best advice is to completely surrender and relax into this energy. I have had ongoing issues with my lower back, hips, legs, knees, ankles and feet for the past almost 8 years. The culmination of these energetic symptoms are occurring for me now, so that I may use these blessed energies to move past any resistance from my past experiences, and begin a new chapter in my life with a renewed vigor and purpose. I have also felt like I have been in a bit of a fog for a while now with regards to clarity on the direction of the path forward for me. I am sensing that with the energies of October, that clarity will reign once again, and the opportunities for forward movement will be endless.

For the rest of September I am going to be soaking in the last warm rays of the sun, watching the leaves and seasons change colour, and like the amazing monarch butterfly, I am going to to emerge from my cocoon at long last. Many blessings to you!